Two days ago I gave a talk at a regional medical school.  Because I would be parking on a university campus, I removed my pistol from my glove-compartment.  In South Carolina I may keep it there lawfully.  In addition, I have a SC Concealed Weapons Permit.  Nevertheless, the law prohibits private citizens from having firearms on a campus, so I obeyed.  (Law enforcement officers always being the very embodiment of stability, safety and training, you know.)

Today, I had to run an errand to a local elementary school.  Likewise, I removed the weapon from my vehicle before going.  I did the lawful thing.

Was either facility one iota safer because I ‘disarmed’ myself?  Was I a threat?  Would I have misused that firearm, locked as it was in my personal vehicle?  Never.   I am a lawful citizen, having not only passed a background check but also having served in the US Air Force, and having taken several courses in the safe and appropriate use of a sidearm.

But the law says, ‘No weapons allowed.’  Fair enough.  But as I’ve said many times, will the enraged individual care?  Will the man or woman, crazed from Meth or Cocaine, read the sign and turn around?  Will the estranged, furious spouse think, ‘you know, I want to kill someone, but it’s against the law to bring a gun there!’

No, they won’t.  They already are willing to disobey the fundamental law of God and man; no murder.  The sign, with the gun and circle through it, will be small deterrent.

Every time I am asked to leave my firearm behind, I realize that I am not the problem.  And that those who are the problem could care less.

Sadly, there’s no explaining that logic to anyone who feels safer because of the sign.

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