My name is Edwin Leap. Let me tell you about myself. I have been married to my wife, the beautiful Jan, since 1990. We were college sweethearts at Marshall University. We have four beautiful, brilliant children who will undoubtedly change the world. Sam, Seth, Elijah, and Elysa.

I am a practicing emergency physician, working in small and medium sized hospitals in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and assorted other places. I have been in practice since I finished my emergency medicine residency at Methodist Hospital of Indiana in 1993.

So why do I have a website? In addition to being a husband, father and physician, I’m a writer. Looking back on my life, I’ve been writing for fun since I was a child. But since 1995 I have been doing it professionally. It’s not my day job, obviously, but I take great pride in writing to the public in such a way that readers are inspired, amused, educated, informed, angered or encouraged.

On this website you’ll find my columns and commentary. I write twice each month for the Greenville News, a Gannett Newspaper and once each month for Emergency Medicine News, a publication of Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. My columns also appear once or twice each month in The Baptist Courier, our South Carolina Southern Baptist newspaper.

I also maintain a blog that can be linked through this site, and try to link back to the blog and website via Twitter and Facebook. When I started practice 15 years ago, I didn’t even own a computer. Things sure have changed!

Much of my content has an undertone that reflects my Christianity. I don’t say or do that lightly. I am an orthodox Christian, not in the sense of coming from the great traditions of the Greek or Russian church, but in the sense that I believe in traditional, Biblical church doctrine. I believe in the existence of a personal God who has and continues to reveal himself to mankind in space-time, who is intimately concerned with mankind, and whose incarnation in the historical Jesus Christ was the means of rescue made available for all humanity; or more accurately, for each and every individual human.

As an emergency physician who has seen almost every example of man’s fallen nature, as well as many of the wonderful ways we are indeed ‘in God’s image,’ I believe that Biblical Christianity is the most accurate explanatory theory for the human condition, and also the most rational cure available for the race of men.

That’s why I write a great deal of material that touches upon my faith. I’m no Bible thumping madman, and I’m not here to scream at, threaten or demean anyone who disagrees with me. I don’t want to force anyone to believe anything. I do want to use this space to offer hope and meaning.

I’m also a conservative, so you’ll excuse me (I hope) if I also post things that reflect my political views. I promise not to be hateful, cruel or demeaning to anyone, because that would violate my allegiance to Christ, against which political leanings are merely dust in the winds of eternity.

Back to the site: some content here is exclusive to the site, and never published elsewhere; occasionally I’ll throw out excerpts from books or stories I’m writing. I’ll also post links to people, products, services, causes, websites, books or other things that I believe you, my reader, would find interesting or useful. As an avid reader, I’d love to tell you what I have been learning, so that you can benefit from it as well.

This is the third incarnation of my website. I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is always appreciated and respected.