America is full of hungry children…and adults.  Kids that go home every night from school, and go back as fast as possible because at school, there is food.  One of my dear friends, a grade-school, teacher, has a student who begs for my friend’s extra lunch each day.  We have a program in our region which puts food in the backpacks of children for the weekend, since their homes have no food.

In light of this, I heard this morning that Burger King will donate one penny of each kids meal to one of three selected causes (the kids choose).

1)  Animals

2)  The Environment

3)  Education (actually there are two education choices)

It would sure be nice if there were an option:

4)  Feed other hungry kids!

Or does that fly in the popular paradigm that there are too many people?  Or that man is a virus on the earth?  Or that animals suffer more than humans?

Here’s a site that emphasizes what I’m saying, and offers a chance to give:

Seems like a company that’s about food would be more concerned that everyone get some.


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