So, great news!  The Occupy movement in Atlanta has tuberculosis!  Way to go guys!  Nothing says ‘make America better’  like spreading deadly diseases due to self-imposed crowded conditions and terrible hygiene.

Makes me wonder about the upcoming Influenza season.  Flu spreads quickly, is potentially lethal and is far more than the head-colds and gastrointestinal bugs we colloquially refer to as ‘the flu.’

If you’ll recall, the great Influenza epidemic of 1918 resulted in some 50-1o0 million deaths world-wide due to its inherent virulence, the increasing ease of travel, the close contact of soldiers, refugees and city dwellers, general poor nutrition and health and the lack of adequate public health measures in much of the world.

Other than poor nutrition (the occupy folks are getting free food from vendors they later attack and eating in restaurants they take over), and close contact with soldiers (which they could use in my estimation), the set-up is pretty similar to 1918.  Fortunately, there are far fewer protesters than there were potential victims of the 1918 pandemic.

Still, here’s one  more reason for flu vaccination.  And several more good reasons to disperse these crowds as soon as possible, before they reform America’s economic system by contributing to a brand new, but avoidable, epidemic.

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