Attention emergency physicians: great job available!

Doctors,  you’ve worked for years to learn the skills of emergency medicine.  You’ve struggled and learned.  You have stayed awake at all hours, caring for the sick, the injured, the ridiculous and the demanding.  You may be finishing residency or out in the work world.  Wherever you are, I have something to ask you.

Are you tired of leftist academic nonsense?  Are you weary of being told you should ‘just give a little more’ to people who take from you all the time?  Are you sick of administration keeping you continually under its thumb while you feel entirely powerless?

Do you ever long to work with like-minded docs, who bemoan the steady advance of socialism and endlessly ineffective welfare programs?  Physicians who say what they think, and mean what they say?

Would you like to work in a group that is concerned for your well-being, your family and your beliefs?  Would you like to work with a stable group of physicians who have held the same contract for over 20 years?  Would you like to have ownership, to be a partner within one year, and to have your opinions given equal weight to everyone else? Would you like to join a group of residency trained and boarded emergency physicians who could never make it in academia because we could never keep our mouths shut?

Do you think you’d enjoy living in a rural area, with lakes and mountains, with wildlife and rivers, farm-land and hiking trails? An area rich in Southern culture and heritage?

Contact me!  Have I got a job for you!  Far from the hallowed halls of academia, where physicians are free to dislike the president, where we all know that drug seekers are drug seekers, not ‘drug users.’  Where satisfaction surveys have only a fraction of the power they have anywhere else, and where we still, occasionally, tell a patient:  ‘go ahead and call administration!  Call your lawyer!  I’m the boss and the buck stops here!’

A place where every pick-up truck hides a side-arm, where the men are solid and the women fiery!  Where we love God and casseroles, cowboy boots (and cowgirl boots) and power-tools, deer season and football season.

We’re waiting to hear from you; it isn’t a perfect place.  But it’s right close.  A group of aging physicians seeks your energy, your expertise and your sense of humor.  Don’t pass up this remarkable opportunity!

Edwin Leap, MD, FACEP

(Message me via the blog and I’ll contact you!)

16 thoughts on “Attention emergency physicians: great job available!

  1. Ah, if I had an MD I’d be back there in a heartbeat… You guys (and gals) are the the best group of docs I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

  2. If America wasn’t run by lawyers / didn’t have a population that is sue happy, I’d be there in a flash 🙂 Practising defensive medicine sucks.

    • Etienne, you have a great point. In the US, the equivalent would be working in a federal hospital. What does it say that it’s next to impossible to get sued working in a VA or military facility? It says that the powers that be recognize the cost and inconvenience, but are happy for the ‘lesser beings’ to endure it.

      If you ever change your mind, please let me know! SC is a great place to live.

      Merry Christmas,


  3. I am currently in ER Residency in the Navy. Very interested, but have some more time to fulfill with the USN. Rick Bigbee sent me the link.

  4. The first thing I did after joining the group was to purchase my first home after being a nomad through much of my training and career. Now at the 5 year mark as one of the “recent” hires I still delight in my coworkers and colleagues. A great place to make home and to get started on everything outside of medicine.

  5. I love ya, Dr. Leap. Been reading you for years. I am not an MD (though I played one at work for 30 years). My wife and I purchased our retirement home in Seneca (Clemson is perfect, BTW) and I always think of you as we go by OMC (pretty hospital, by the way). I assume it is where I will see my last day on Earth. And I am good with that.

    I have a hx of DVT and pulmonary embolism (x2) and currently go for my monthly P-time in Greenville. I need to find a good IM once we move from Taylors to Seneca permanently. How should I choose? Got any advice? My wife recently had a third of her rt. lung removed due to a tumor (MAC lung disease — non-smoker), and she needs a good IM over there too.

    Blessings and have a wonderful Christmas. Sam

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