Dear readers, new and old:

Nicholas Genes, of Medscape Grand Rounds fame, has asked me to host next week’s medical blogging grand rounds. I’m very honored and excited to participate in this forum.  As such, I get to ask for submissions.

I get to pick the topic.  So, given the vast sea of things we could discuss in medicine, I decided to back up to a fundamental question.  The question is this:  ‘why do we do it?’  It’s a question that lies behind all our education, our work, our struggles and our joys in medicine.

Think back to those medical school interviews.  ‘Why do you want to do this?’  Those answers may have been contrived to secure admission: ‘Sir, I don’t care about money, I just want to help sick people!’  Or, they may have been more pragmatic:  ‘I just want a secure career… and a chance to help sick people!’  (The helping sick people thing shows up in pretty much everyone’s answer, I imagine).

Your answers may be the same, or they may have changed.  The reasons you went to medical school may not be the same ones that keep you draining abscesses or reading EKG’s to this day.  But whatever your motivations, I want to hear them.

The thing is, medicine is always in a state of change.  We may face dramatic changes in the future, depending on the vagaries of politics, economics, cultural and religious forces. Given that, what will keep us coming back?  Will it be a sense of duty to mankind?  A sense of duty to God?  A need for money?  A need for prestige?  Will it be the compulsion of government or the compulsion of our peers?  Will it be for science, for humanity as a whole, for individuals in particular?
So write to me if you’re interested in being featured in Grand Rounds.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and sharing my own.  Or, if you found a link you want featured, send that as well and I’ll look it over.

My e-mail address is, you can obviously send it through the comment section on this blog, or via the contact form my website, at

Thanks for your readership and kindness as I stumble my way through blogging!



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