As I mentioned recently, I was privileged to attend ‘Healthcare Reform: Putting Patients First,’ hosted by Dr. Val Jones of Here is a link to the video produced at the conference at The National Press Club, in Washington, DC.

The meeting featured excellent thinkers and bloggers such as Dr. Kevin Pho,  Dr. Rich  of, Kim,  RN of Emergiblog,,  and Dr. Wes Fisher of Dr. Wes;

Take the time to watch it. Some excellent insights and ideas are presented.

Yes, it is slanted to the right. Most of those in attendance, though not all, are a little itchy about having too much government in ‘our bidness.’

But please don’t accuse me of inappropriate self-interest. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) is motivated by self-interest to one degree or another. Patients are, insurers are, doctors and nurses are, hospital administrators are and you can bet your last bottle of Lortab, politicians are!

So, enjoy! I think you’ll learn something. By the way, you won’t see me. I was off to stage left in the Twitter gallery, typing away furiously until my computer decided to take a siesta from a dead battery.

Good night!  ‘And flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep!’


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