Right now, our little corner of South Carolina has about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  Unusual around here, this storm has left my children in heaven.  We had snowball fights and rode plastic sleds on the ground until we wore the snow down to the red clay and briars underneath.  (You haven’t lived until you’ve sledded into a blackberry briar patch).  My kids had a ball, even wrestling like polar bear cubs when one got mad at the other for snow in the ear, snow down the shirt or some other kid infraction.  But they were laughing in now time.  You just can’t stay mad in the snow; it’s kind of a rule.  Cover Iraq with ten inches of snow for two weeks, and I think everyone would get along much better.

However, I saw the dark side of the snow yesterday.  And I don’t mean on the road.  We stopped at the grocery store for a few things after church and do you think there was any bread?  Absolutely not.  I didn’t check on the milk, but it was, no doubt, also long gone.  All that remained was what one clerk described as ‘weird bread’.  In the South, that means whole grain, wheat, rye or anything other than white Bunny Bread.

But what I realized was the obvious connection between the milk and bread industry and the National Weather Service and media outlets.  Predict a two inch snowfall in the South and bread flies off the shelves.  Predict a winter storm, like we had today, and you’ll even run out of powdered milk and boxed bread crumbs!  It never occured to me until yesterday.  Is there no end to the nefarious corporate interests that drive Americans to the stores?

Still, it was snow.  And here in South Carolina, where in 6 months we’ll be sweltering in the blast furnace that is August, we’re just happy to have a little white stuff floating around.

Happy Snowstorm, wherever you are!


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