Today I saw a young woman who may well be an archetype of those who will ultimately cause the crash of our impending bold initiative in healthcare.  While seeing her in the ER for a toothache, I asked her if she had a physician.  ‘I don’t have insurance (I understand, lots of folks don’t), that’s why I come here (again, sometimes reasonable) …and WAIT three hours!’

My response, ‘on the other hand, no one asks you to pay up front, do they?’

‘No, I guess not.’

Maybe she’ll be better off if she’s one of the 30 Million to be covered under President Obama’s Great Leap Forward.  Or maybe, with one less reason to do anything for herself, she’ll continue the same behavior, with the same sense of entitlement.

Only, if it goes as I anticipate, nobody will be complaining about a mere three hours’ wait!


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