To my SC physician colleagues who may visit this blog, I’d like to endorse fellow emergency physician Dr. Rob Kosciusko.  Emergency physician, educator and retired F-16 pilot, he served both on active duty and as SC State Air Surgeon with the SC Air National Guard.  His impressive resume is linked below.

I believe Dr. Kosciusko, Gen. Kosciusko, clearly has the best interests of the state medical community at heart and has honorably demonstrated his dedication to South Carolina over the years.

He would be a wonderful addition to the state medical board!

To vote go to this link:]-R&c[0]=AT3pbUiLNU3ti65pnQGG5IqNJgoYHmQ0lLVornLm7EmQ6ZER7RsPFK6xWpU02FrXJHsbWbOhjDMa8CFnVwHOCA5IEs_ra4z18ChruRgF-9DpLhB1o_ncMb1GtUKRfvMwYDFTYIh1Ytt3susfjF2mVvQCOEFmGotiT4E

Edwin Leap, MD

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