Looks innocent, doesnt it?

Chirping Little Monster

Chirp away my little friend
And chirp away again.
You’re only chirping so that we
avoid a fiery end.

Chirp away and chirp away
And chirp away some more,
You need a brand new battery
So you can chirp some more.

But there are roughly six of you,
so which one needs the change?
You’re silent when I look at you,
a thing I find quite strange.

It’s almost like you have a plan
to leave this human crazed;
I’m pretty sure you’re mocking me,
your chirping’s left me dazed.

So if I don’t find out real soon
who’s keeping me awake,
I will begin to lose my cool
and bad decisions make.

I need to know, I have to know,
the source of chirping sounds!
And if I don’t, Ironically,
I’ll burn the whole place down.

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