Here’s a link to a story on the Christian Broadcasting Network.  I wrote about this months ago.  A local police officer, Ken Kirby, experienced an MI and subsequent cardiac arrest at our hospital.  His story truly is miraculous.  A 45 minute resuscitation and the next day, at our referral hospital, he’s sitting in bed, drinking coffee.

I don’t claim to understand why God chooses to answer prayer in a particular way, or when.  But I’m convinced that this man’s survival was an answer to prayer.  I believe our team did a fine job with him; but the success was more than good doctoring or compassionate nursing.  It was  a confluence of love, faith, intercessory prayer and medical science.

Here’s the nursing team:

The outstanding nursing staff who cared for 'Officer Lazarus.',

Back row, left to right;  Courtney Whiten (Ken’s Daughter), Tina Kirby his wife, Ken and Matthew Kirby his son (also a miraculous story in and of himself).  Front row, left to right, Karen Kilpatrick, Lauren Woodward, Jennifer Cape, Casey Smith and Russell Crumley (all RN’s).

A picture of Nurse Katarina Boukoganis, out on maternity leave with her beautiful new son Athan, is below.

Katerina Boukaganis

Katerina Boukaganis

I pray you are blessed and inspired by this story.  We know far less than we realize and God acts far more than we can fathom, and we will never understand it fully in this life.

But we are still called to ‘pray without ceasing,’ and to ‘present our requests to God.’  We can ‘approach the throne with confidence.’  And nowhere should we do it more than in the emergency departments of this old, fallen world.


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