When I met my wife in college I weighed about 150 pounds.  (I don’t care what it was in Kg, OK?)  We had a bad habit of ‘loving each other with food,’ as we called it.  Over time, we were married, life moved forward, we had children and we continued to do the same.  It’s easy to eat for fun with the kiddos.  I was talking about weight loss once when my second oldest said, ‘no papa, don’t diet!  Fat papas buy donuts!’  Indeed.  And I do love donuts.

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Some years ago when my wife had a battle with cancer, I ate as a stress reliever.  And it really got out of hand.  Mind you, I think I carry it well.  And I’m strong.  I lift often and so I have a fair amount of muscle mass.

I also have a bunch of donut mass.  And so I’m trying to fight this.  But I’ll tell you, living in the South can make dieting a daunting proposition.  Not only do we have wonders like crock-pot mac and cheese, assorted pies and cakes, fried everything and the wonder that is a good biscuit, we also have sweet tea.

I have written about my tea affliction in the past, and it is not insignificant.  I love the stuff. I always have.  My grandmothers kept it in their refrigerators all year round, as did my parents.  I make it just they way I was taught.  I will not share the details for fear of the reprimands I may receive from those shocked at the sugar content.

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But I just want to say that part of my dieting has to be a significant reduction in tea drinking.  I know this because I went a few days without it.  And I lost about six pounds.  In less than a week.

Most people start dieting in the New Year.  I started last week.  My goal is to make visible, by Summer, what is obviously an awesome six-pack; but which is hidden beneath a soft, fluffy cooler.

I decline to reveal my current weight, but I will periodically notify the reader as I lose some.

May you have a blessed and fit New Year.

Eat a donut, and have a tea, for your buddy Edwin.





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