1)When our electronic medical records systems can’t spell-check medical words, then we have a disconnect.  The whole point of those expensive billing and data collection systems was supposed to be clear communication.

So if I type the word ‘pneumomediastinum’ or the word ‘myocarditis’ I don’t want the system to highlight the word as if I need to spell it correctly. Somebody needs to fix that for what we pay; in money and sanity.

2) When did we stop saying ‘the patient complains of,’ ‘the patient reports,’ or ‘the patient says’ and start saying ‘the patient endorses?’  I hate that. I hate it so much.  ‘The patient endorses recent, non-stop heroin use.’  What is this, a public service message? ‘I’m Rick and I endorse IV drug abuse! So get out there and have some fun with drugs!’

So students, residents, APPs and all the rest, stop using that word. I know, I know, it’s an accepted usage.  But it sounds weird.

3) When I call to speak to a physician, or nurse practitioner or physician assistant whom I don’t know, I routinely hear this: ‘Hi, I’m Amber, on call for neurosurgery.’

Great. But Amber doesn’t tell me her last name. Nor does Eric, Chloe, Jim or Candace.  I don’t know if they are medical professionals, secretaries or housekeeping.  Once we know each other? Great.  But until then, identify yourself and your place in the medical ecosystem.  Funny thing is, sometimes even the operators don’t know.

That’s all. Boomer tirade over.

You commies get off my lawn now!



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