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Highlights of a day in the ER: A Reflection


Sleepy, waking, coffee, breakfast.
It’s just a cold, don’t worry about the fever.
You need a work excuse? I guess.
Someone told you to come here for that? Ok then.
There aren’t any more tests we can do. We’re out of tests for you today.
I’m very sorry. I know it hurts.
It’s not a heart attack!
It’s a heart attack.
Thought: ‘And He had compassion on them for they were like sheep without a shepherd.’
Holding on the phone. Holding. Holding.
Telling story four times for transfer.
Fluids now. I mean now.
I bet it’s tough being a single parent; that’s probably why you have a headache.
How would I know what surgery your doctor did two states away?
Come on, please open up so I can see your throat?
No, I can’t refill your Dilaudid.
No I don’t have your schizophrenia drug here.
I’m sorry! I have no reason to admit you.
I’m sorry, I couldn’t get that reduced.
I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but it’s really busy.
I’m sorry I can’t get up from the computer.
Log in. Chart, order, sign, chart, order, sign, chart, order, sign,
Attest, attest, attest, attest.
How hard to be 60 with a stroke in a nursing home.
Thank you Lord I’m able to do this.
No, I didn’t get all the old charts done today.
Yes, I realize there are 15 in the waiting room.
Albuterol and oxygen please.
I’ll start an EJ.
I’m not being mean. I just don’t think you need Percocet. Or Dilaudid.
Food, glorious food.
What a beautiful baby. Pity her mama is crazy.
Thank you Lord for a disposition home.
Thank you Lord for a nice consultant.
Thank you Lord that kid is better now.
More chest pain. More chest pain.
Stack of EKG’s. Too much chest pain.
95 and demented. What does confused mean?
It’s just a fever. It’s…just…a…fever.
Sure, I surrender. You can have Percocet.
Coffee. Water, and more water.
Dark outside.
Thank you Lord for fresh air.
And fast food.
And couch. ZZZ.
Rinse. Repeat.


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