A few silly things, COVID related.

1) My kids who are at Clemson University have both been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  And yet every student there has to be tested every single week, regardless of vaccination status or symptoms.  If not tested, their ID will not allow them into a building.  A building.  Not even a crowd, but a large empty space.

2) My father-in-law needed carotid ultrasounds today.  I took him to the hospital and while waiting thought, ‘a cup of coffee might be nice.’  It’s what one does in hospitals.  Upon entering the cafeteria, mask in place and covering my mouth and sizeable nose.   I was asked ‘do you work here?’ ‘I used to, but not now.’

‘Oh, we don’t serve anyone unless they work here. But there’s a coffee vending machine.’  (It was out of order by the way.)

Is it such a peril to serve food or drink to hospital visitors?  Seems unlikely.  Paper cups and plates and plastic utensils go into the trash.  Sheesh.

3) New York (and other states) have decided to insist on the firing of un-vaccinated healthcare workers.  The answer?  They’ll just call the National Guard.  Dear governors and thought-leaders, what nurses and physicians you can get from the National Guard are working elsewhere in your states and will simply be moved around, leaving gaps where they already work.

4) As for the firing, it is ironic that early in COVID, those who labored to save lives were all un-vaccinated.  And they went into the ERs and ICUs and wards where the air was thick with viral particles.  Those advocating their dismissal were happy for these dedicated workers to face danger without any protection from a vaccine or even any clear guidance on therapy of the sick.  They were heroes.  And when they left their hospitals exhausted, some likely carried the virus with them. They took it home and on the bus or in the grocery store, or on the Subway.  Nobody minded because they were doing an important and dangerous job.  Now they’re monsters.  Let that sink in.

5) I’m pro-vaccine. I’m anti-COV-erload.  And especially anti-hypocricy.



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