For those of you unaware, Jan had surgery Monday for a swollen lymph node in her neck.  It turned out to be a metastatic squamous cell cancer.  Usually only found in elderly men who smoke and/or drink excessively.   The primary appears to have been some leftover tonsil tissue at the base of her tongue.  (Tonsillectomy at age seven.) Her surgeon, the excellent Dr. Charles Theivagt, feels that he removed all of the primary, as well as the affected node and everything else in her left neck.  (She had a modified radical neck procedure.  Her comment?  ‘I look like Frankenstein!’  She said it with a smirk.  I think she looks just beautiful.)

She spent seven hours in surgery Monday.  She came home yesterday.  She is doing well, in great spirits.  As you know, she hates to be sick or incapacitated.  I don’t know if she is more 1) in pain or 2) simply annoyed by the inconvenience.  She may need some radiation (or even some chemotherapy at worst-case).  But apparently,   according to our oncologists, pathologists and surgeon, these cell types do very well in young, otherwise healthy folks.

Thank you for your prayers and help.  We trust God to see us through, and to heal our wife and mama completely.  It has been an incredible, heart-wrenching, soul-draining ride.  We went in expecting a branchial-cleft cyst or simple lymph node removal.  And we were overwhelmed.

More, we’re amazed by the grace of God poured out in the love and prayers of friends and family, in the hope provided by scripture, in the comfort of hugs, food and those who have stayed with us and visited.

I think, oddly, that the trees we put up all over the house on  Sunday are an encouragement.  The lights of the Christmas season make our time of trial more hopeful.

If you would, please lift up Jan and I in prayer, and our children, Sam, Seth, Elijah and Elysa.   We believe that she will be completely healed of this, and we would love your assistance.



PS  If you are a friend or family who hasn’t heard, we aren’t trying to keep you out of the loop.  We’re just still in recovery mode.  It all happened rather fast!

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