I’m tired of asking permission.  Tired of rules.  We have enough.  We have reached toxicity levels.  The number of rules, the intensity of rules, is so great that it is choking the land, the economy, education, careers and professions.

I have a workshop.  My children and I helped a friend, who is a builder, to put it up behind our house.  It is 12×20 feet, sitting on blocks.  Solid as a rock.  We’ll do metal-work in it.

I wanted to run a power-line to it.

Power company:  ‘You’ll need a building permit.’

Me:  ‘It’s already built.’

Them:  ‘Still, you need a permit for us to put up a meter.’

Go to county.  ‘I need a building permit for a building that’s already built, and for which I didn’t need a permit in the first place.’

County:  ‘You’ll need a permit to run power, because it isn’t traditionally constructed with foundations all around.  It’s on blocks.  You can either use power from your house, or pay an engineer (up to $2000) to tell you how to build it (it’s already built) and how to anchor it down.’

So to run separate power to a building I paid for and built (or helped build), on my land, by my house, I need a permit.

Forget it.  We’ll run a line from the house.

I’m tired of asking permission to do what I want to do.

Too many Chiefs, too many rule makers, too many rules.


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