I just finished five ER night shifts of twelve hour duration each. I slept in broken snippets, sometimes a couple of hours when the ER was slow, followed by three or four hours in the hotel. I am home but a little fuzzy.

I have some important things to write about this week. But for now, I’m just running on fumes and need to sleep a full night. So let me share some things I’ve found interesting lately.

Russell Brand has apparently been inside my head. He makes some super important points here about the way healthcare workers have been treated during COVID.

See also my recent column on the topic. In short, when things are bad in hospitals, we don’t need sundae carts, donuts or pizza; we need staff and respect.


Along the same lines there’s this good news. COVID hospitalizations are way down.


And yet, I still struggle to transfer patients out of rural Emergistan because there frequently aren’t beds to send them to in larger centers.

I was on Twitter for a few years until it became unbearable. Which is a shame because it can be a very useful platform for writers. Nevertheless it is a massive dumpster fire of judgment and misery; a place where a small number of wildly unhappy individuals distribute their inner distress to everyone who dares post there. And since it is such a place, this little news story made me smile.


Finally for now, something lighter. I am a long-time Tolkien fan. Tolkien fans are divided on the subject of the character Tom Bombadil. Some love him, others think he is on a par with Jar Jar Binks, from the Phantom Menace. (I suppose that the very way I said that suggests I’m not a Jar Jar fan. I like him only slightly less than Wookies.)

I do think Tom is a wonderful character. And here is a discussion of why he may be more important than some Lord of the Rings fan even realize.

Talk to you soon!


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