Last month I got some very good news.

As you may know, I write a twice monthly column for the Greenville News in Greenville, SC. I also write a monthly column for Emergency Medicine News, a trade publication in our specialty. Well, that monthly column received a ‘Gold Medal’ award from the ASHPE…The American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors.

Their website is

It was very exciting. The last time I got a plaque for writing was in a high school competition, around 1981!

All that aside, the best awards I could ever receive are the many kind comments and encouragement I get from all of you, my readers. You make any plaque seem superficial and irrelevant.

Have a great day, and thanks for sharing in my ongoing adventure as a writer.

Don’t forget to go to my main website to look at archived columns from several different publications where I have been printed.


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