Today I was privileged to be in the Twitter-Gallery at ‘Health-care Reform:  Putting Patients First,’ a meeting set up by the endlessly energetic Dr. Val  Jones of  The meeting was a gathering of prominent medical bloggers, who were there to discuss ways to improve the health-care system.  And of course, to consider the current reform plans being kicked about in Washington.  We had Rep.  Paul Ryan (R) WI as guest speaker.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen some of the comments I made as the guest speakers, and esteemed blogging panelists, discussed the pending legislation.  It was a great, albeit short, meeting.  I had to leave as soon as it was over to fly home for a night-shift in the emergency department tonight.  Back from the theory of health-care delivery to the real, bloody, sweaty, frustrating and wonderful world of patient care.

Dwelling in both worlds, the world of the idea and the world of the actual, I understand the concerns of those with chronic illness.  I see those patients all the time.  Furthermore, my beautiful, amazing son Seth has Type I Diabetes.  I also understand the concerns of the poor, and those who could face bankruptcy.  I know that there are things we could do better than we do now.  More transparency in pricing, less administrative burden, less invention of diseases and ‘direct to patient’ marketing for those diseases by the pharmaceutical industry.  Less government!

I hope we can improve the delivery and efficiency of health-care.  But I fear we are poised to murder and dismember it, and then let government reassemble it into a monstrous creature we no longer recognize.

I believe we stand on the brink of a revolution.  I believe, in my heart, that nefarious forces are conspiring to crush freedom and capitalism in America.  I believe this because the health-care reform package is being forced through the House without anyone even completely reading it.  Why?  Crisis mode, as always with this administration.  Just like the last bailout, ‘it’s too big an emergency to wait!’

Emergencies are how revolutions and coups happen.  Crisis mode takes over.  Terrible things are done.  But it’s all done ‘for the people,’ to make a ‘new world.’  We need to pause.  We need to have literally months to look at this legislation; all of us, from Senators to Congressmen,  businessmen to bloggers, columnists to truck drivers and everyone in between.

But we won’t have it.  This administration, and the majorities in the House and Senate, are possessed by some amazing force that leads them to value action above wisdom, ideology above reality.

The rhetoric of ’emergency’ is cast about as an excuse to do virtually anything.

This bill, which not only has not and will not be fully comprehended, excuses members of the House and Senate from participation!  Rep. Ryan tried to force them to be participants in the future plan.  The amendment failed on party lines.  Sure, it’s a good idea.  But only for regular people, not for important ones like politicians.

This bill will not address tort reform.  No surprises.  Washington is a nest of lawyers.

This bill is too expensive.  The Congressional Budget Office says so.  But it doesn’t matter, we can just raise taxes all around.  Of course, even if we do, we come up far short.

This bill will limit freedom, will damage the doctor patient relationship, will crush private medicine and drive physicians from health-care.  This bill will result, in short order, in a nationalized system on the European model.  The fiscally failing European model.

This bill, as with all socialism, is paraded as a means to care for all people.  But for all the ills of capitalism, and there are plenty, it is morally neutral.  This socialist claptrap of a health-care reform will do what socialism always does.  Diminish the value of human life and the economic incentives to greatness and innovation.

Please, call your congressman and threaten to fire him or her next term.

Resist the revolution!  It may save your life.


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