Does anyone think about the inconsistencies in thought and morality that plague our country now?  I doubt it.  America is in the midst of an intellectual drought, and rain is far away.

Here are some examples that have come to mind during my cross-country trip.
We weep over the plight of animals who need to be adopted.  We are riveted by trapped whales and dolphins.  The DDT ban resulted in untold millions of Malaria deaths.  We shrug.  ‘Well, at least the birds eggs are healthy!’

We were shocked to learn that a family in the Northeast used the names of famous Nazis for their children.  We are, rightly, disgusted by the atrocities of Nazi Germany.  And yet, the excesses and horrors of Communism/Socialism were far greater.  So what do we do?  We hike merrily down the socialist path, with intellectuals saying, ‘communism is really a good idea, we just need to do it better!’  What if someone said, ‘The Nazis had it right; they were just inefficient.  Let’s try it again, shall we?’  No way.  Fascism bad, Communism good.  Americans, beware.  ‘The past is prologue.’
Our children are burdened, day in and day out, with the idea that they are hurting ‘the planet.’  That they are burdens upon ‘the planet.’  But what is ‘the planet?’  Is it sentient?  Does it feel?  And if we are here, don’t we belong on earth after all?  Are we accidents?  Wouldn’t even Darwin say we belong?

Are we, by the way, Darwinists?  We insist that taxes must be increased in order to help the poor and weak, to prop up their mortgages, to guarantee that their homes are safe from foreclosure.  We won’t let industries fail.  And we throw holy hissy-fits at the idea of anything becoming extinct.  But aren’t failure, and extinction, part of the process of Darwinism?  If this troubles you, perhaps you are more likely to be a Christian than a Darwinist.  I’m fine with that, by the way.

‘Christianity is a bad idea because, after all, the Bible was written by people, and it’s all about control.  What we need is government in control of everything, because it’s run by people and it’s purpose is control!  Wait, that sounded funny…’  Need I say more on that topic?

College students who want higher taxes, free health-care for everyone and punishment for big business should immediately sell their BMW Roadsters, stop drinking expensive Martinis on the weekend, take their Wii and X-Box systems to the local pawn-shop, give up vacationing in the islands for spring-break and take their extra money to people who need health-care and are out of jobs because industry has gone away.  No?

There are progressives who very much want us to legalize marijuana and other recreational chemical substances.  Mind you, they hate the tobacco companies and pharmaceutical industries and want tighter greater regulation on both; to the extent that they would make tobacco illegal altogether.  Excuse me?  They want to introduce as legal substances things that would never pass the FDA?  And even if the FDA allowed it, who would do the long-term studies on Ecstasy or crack?  Try running that past the Institutional Review Board of a major university!

I’m sorry, I don’t get this one:  a woman has the right to ‘choose’ an abortion.   But a doctor shouldn’t have the ‘choice’ to engage in the service or not?  Yikes, people.  Think a minute!

Diversity is very important; we Americans embrace all different viewpoints, cultures and lifestyles.  Wait, except for:  gun-owning rural people, conservatives, conservative Christians, Christians who actually believe the Bible, home-schoolers, free-market economists, those who doubt global warming, those opposed to the sexual liberation movement, those in favor of tougher enforcement of immigration law and anyone else who doesn’t read the New York Times on Sunday morning while drinking expensive coffee and nodding their heads in agreement.

‘Young people should not be burdened with religious guilt or restrictions on their sexuality.  It’s natural, you know?  As long as they’re emotionally ready and physically careful, it’s up to them.  We should stop being fuddy-duds.’ Lots of things are natural.  Be careful with that one. And they should be allowed to drive cars when they feel ready?  Because sexual activity, like driving, can be very dangerous in the world today.  Should they be allowed to drink alcohol when they feel ready?  Or carry firearms?  And should we care if they are catching STD’s at alarming rates, and becoming pregnant too early and too often?  Nah, fun is fun.  What’s a painful rash, a baby, infertility or death between liberated, natural, fun-loving teens?
Just a few thoughts.  Any of your own?


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