A little ER fun for everyone, composed after a night on shift.   Copy, print and fill in your own blanks.  I’d love to see your answers!

(Yes, I know what it is, but Mad Lib is copyrighted!)

So I have this (any symptom) that started after my (friend or relative) and me were
(hobby) in the (room in house)
with the (pet or power tool) . And when I (any bodily function) it burns, but the (article of
clothing or office supply) tastes
like (type of dessert).
Doc, should I have (non-physiologic symptom…glowing urine, etc.) in the morning ? And before I go, can I get a (common ER request) ?  You know I’m allergic to (normal nutrient, mineral or molecule found in body)!  But I can take (controlled substance) just fine!

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