Here’s a poem of mine from many years ago, resurrected today on Throw Back Thursday at the ACEP Medical Humanities Section website.

I hope you enjoy!  All my little planets are much older now, but still they stay in orbit one around the other as kids who, rather than disdaining their siblings, treasure them.  I remain their archivist and astronomer…and always will be.


Orbit little worlds

Spin around and spin around

and hold each other tight,

spin in giggling circles

with your smiles starry bright;

hold your hands together

and fall upon the floor

laughing little brothers

I am watching from the door.

Up you go and spin some more

in orbits sure and strong,

your gravity grows tighter

though you won’t be little long.

So little planets, orbit on,

through your starry space,

and save a place for sister

for you soon will see her face.

A little moon I think she’ll be,

fair in sparkling skies,

and I will be a star-gazer,

with wonder in his eyes.

For never have the worlds aligned

so perfect, true and bright

that I could watch the worlds I love

then touch and hold them tight.

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