Here are some things I’d like to have:

A pre-funded account to pay for my son’s diabetes for life.

Tuition for each of my children’s college educations, sitting and drawing interest in an account.

500 acres of land in Wyoming, in order to farm, hunt, hike, fish and generally escape.

A new Ford truck, extended cab, four-wheel drive.  I live in the country, so I actually need it for farm use.

A new garage, with a classroom/apartment on top, in which my wife and I can home-school our children and have room for all of our books and material.

The ability to take one year off work in order to write full-time and complete some writing projects that are dear to me.

I want each of these things; I can’t afford them.  I’d love to have them. They would be either enjoyable or useful.

People want a $1.5, 000,000,000 reform package.  It would be lovely; if we were in economic high cotton and could afford to spend as much as we needed.  We can’t.

Why doesn’t the government have to abide by economic realities, just the way individuals do?


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