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Ode to Godwin’s Law

Nazis now are everywhere,

it happened in a blink;

no swastikas or genocide,

it’s what you say and think.


Hitler and the Hitler youth

and Brown-Shirts far and near;

When everyone’s a Nazi

then I guess there’s much to fear.


Oddly though I never hear

‘There’s Commies all about!’

No one’s called a Stalin, Mao or

other Marxist lout.


Nobody’s called Inquisitor,

No slavers or jihadis;

And yet so many people left

so many stacks of bodies.


Then it’s Nazis or it’s nothing in

debating those we hate;

It’s Hitler this and Nazi that

instead of real debate.


The list of wicked agents is

to long and wide for verse;

So maybe simply saying ‘Nazi’

keeps it nice and terse.


Keep calling your foes Nazis

if it helps to get you through.

Nazis loved to point and blame;

And Hitler loved name-calling too.


And also keep in mind the fact

we all will disagree.

But if all you see are Nazis

maybe no one is you see.


So please beware, ye passionate,

who use such names so lightly,

calling names and fanning flames

can lead to scenes unsightly.

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