My son Sam and I were driving along (well, he was driving) and discussing all of the things we’d like to do in life.  His interests are expansive, just like his dear old Papa, aka me.  We both recognize that life is not long enough to try all of the careers, degrees and experiences we would so love to enjoy.  ‘I think that’s what heaven is for, Sam.  Maybe we want to do those things because we’re supposed to do them in eternity!’

Sam, who sometimes toys with the idea of being a physician, pondered it all then said ‘No offense, but I don’t think we’ll need doctors.’

‘That’s fine with me,’ I replied earnestly.  And I began to think about it.

No more doctoring…

A doctor I will no more be

When I pass heaven’s gates;

No more sickness I will see

Nor cruel twisted fates.

I’ll say no more ‘I think he’ll die,’

Nor watch life ebb away,

I’ll never hear a loved one cry

Where there’s eternal day.

And I’ll not miss my doctoring

Nor miss the pains of life

As off I go a wandering

On shores that know no strife.

So take my title, take my place,

I’ll need no more degrees

I’ll rest and laugh in God’s good grace

Where pain and sickness cease.

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