Last night our area was surrounded by storms.  The lightning was remarkable, and the rain and thunder echoed through the house.  At 2 am, Jan and I were awake and watching the weather reports, as a tornado warning enveloped our area, and a possible tornado developed just across the mountain from us.

We expected a room full of anxious children.  But the floor in our room was remarkably empty.  No one came knocking on our door, no one was afraid.  The thunder and lightning failed to rouse our children from their rest.

I wonder if this is what God is trying to teach us.  Just as my ever maturing children have learned to rest, have learned not to be afraid in the midst of the storm, God’s desire for us is that we rest in the storm.  Perhaps this is the ‘peace that passeth understanding.’  That no matter how things seem terrifying or beyond our control, we can sleep, we can rest, we can be sure that if there is danger he will rescue us, and if we need to be moved to safety he will wake us and take us out of harm’s way.

The most common command in the entire Bible is this:  Fear not.

It is refreshing that my children have learned the beginnings of that wisdom.  I pray that I am on my way as well, so that whatever life throws my way, I can rest in Him.


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