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Titles on my ER themed Country Music Album:

Folks Songs from Emergistan

‘The ballad of Tab, the pill-eatin hound dog.’

‘My heart ain’t fractured, it’s broken.’

‘Just two Cowboy beers is all.’

‘Your cheatin’ heart gave me burnin’ parts.’

‘Some dude is one bad dude.’

‘Our love is a 10/10.’

‘The Turkey Sandwich, Paper Gown, Waiting on a psych bed blues.’

‘I quite smoking yesterday.’

‘My cholesterol is high but my heart belongs to Sonic.’

‘The Bank took the farm and all my Xanax.’

‘My best friend Moped.’

‘Hey y’all, watch this.’

‘The $100,00 snake-skin.’

And a bonus track:

‘Hey pretty nurse how about your number?’





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