Emmanuel is the Carol we love


Gaudy trees and tinsel erupt in Autumn,

with baby Yeshua alongside pumpkins and skeletons;

as if the beasts in the manger ate candy corn,

as if the Magi were asking for treats at the manger.

Even the Pilgrims are mere prologue for the Nativity.


And there’s this endless first-world battle:

It’s too early for Christmas Carols!

It’s never too early for Christmas Carols!

Our stores and radios say the latter,

while the former shake their heads and switch stations.


I secretly, guiltily, turn on the sweet music early.

They’re both right. We can make too common the holy.

But all year, we still long for Him and wring out hands.

Even before His birth, He kicks in Holy Mary’s womb.

Emmanuel Himself is the carol we love; all the time.

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