Ryan Fischer: Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot by Dognappers in Los Angeles



This is where we are.  Lady Gaga’s dogs were ‘dog-napped.’   Their dog-walker, Mr. Ryan Fischer, was shot and taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Her immediate response was to offer $500,000 for….

Return of the dogs.  No questions asked. This, of course, includes those who actually took the dogs. Wait, I mean those who actually shot an individual.  ‘Just bring my dogs back and here’s some money.’

What could go wrong?  Oh, I know.  If you’re a thug plying your trade in an affluent area, why wouldn’t you kidnap a dog and demand ransom?  And after all, it was a mere human being who was shot.  They’re a dollar a dozen. But a good dog?  A beloved dog?  Wow.   (Imagine the outcry if the dogs had been shot!)

So rather than offer half a million dollars for ‘information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailants,’ she just wants her dogs back.  Magnificent. And indeed, now her dogs are home. Safe and sound.  A human being is still recovering from a gunshot wound.

This is reprehensible.  I have dogs. I love those dogs. But I would never value them above a human being.  Which is, of course, what Lady Gaga has done.  And news outlets, incapable of seeing anything wrong with this order of values, report that trauma and now report the joy that 1) the dogs are home and 2) the human being who was shot is recovering. In that order.

Of course, they have been careful to report that the individual who did the shooting used a ‘semi-automatic handgun.’  That’s super important.  The human being who was shot merits minimal attention.

Dog worship continues apace and the value of human life declines steadily.

Incredible. Just incredible.



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