The idea of health-care reform, in which the government is involved but allows competition, or is ‘competitive’ with private industry is like this:

Take a large room, fill it with house-cats of all size.  Large, small, angry, happy, fuzzy and hairless.  Make them all hungry.  Drop an enormous bowl of stinky, wet cat-food composed of tuna, chicken and turkey bits.

Simultaneously, drop in a large, hungry African Lion, whose total weight is far greater than all of the fuzzy little kitties combined, and whose claws and teeth are much longer and sharper than those of the cats;  most of whom have been effectively de-clawed.

Guess who gets to eat the cat food?

And when it’s gone, guess what gets eaten next?

It doesn’t take a zoology degree, or an economics degree, to figure that one out.

At the end of the day, the lion is happy, blood-spattered and looking about for something else to satisfy its appetite.

Just a thought…


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