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Government intrusion and duplicity of the highest order

As if the federal government weren’t nefarious enough, we have massive health-care provisions in the latest stimulus bill.

But for heaven’s sake, don’t read it America!  Pass it!  It’s a crisis!  It has to happen!  There’s ideology at stake!  There are federal programs to fund!  There are opportunities to expand the inefficiency of medicine, and the entire economy, to Olympian levels!

America, it’s time to pitch a ‘hissy-fit.’  Read this article from Bloomberg and let your blood boil.  Pass it on.


And before you tell me we need such bills in order to be more scientific, take a minute and ask yourself just how scientific you think the government will be when it applies cost-cutting measures to medicine.  The congress is certainly a hot-bed of evidence-based legislation, isn’t it?
I am, quite frankly, absolutely petrified for this country.

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2009-02-13 05:28:27 Reply

Betsy McCaughey’s comments on HR 1 do not fairly reflect the original intent of the bill, and should be viewed with caution. One analysis is posted in her bio on Wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsy_McCaughey] at this moment (caution, text may be edited at any time). View the actual “public print” text of the final bill out of conference at http://thomas.loc.gov — search current legislation for H.R.1.P.P. — McCaughey’s analysis is clearly inapplicable to the text there. The powers and duties of the Coordinator are spelled out in detail in Sec. 3001, and they don’t include the destruction of the American medical system. In your inquiry, disregard the page refs in the Bloomberg article; they refer to some previous printed version, and are not shown on the Web versions.

In short, the office exists already, and the bill asks it to improve health care date technology to aid the doctor to make decisions at the bedside. Back when I was a real doctor, I would have considered that helpful.

Un-petrify, please. We need your own incisive analysis. Reading McCaughey is educational but she isn’t Medusa.

midwest woman

2009-02-13 14:09:37 Reply

i have said this before…ehr could possibly be a wolf in sheep’s clothing…not so much about disseminating and co-ordinating a patient’smedical information but a government gps to monitor who what where and why with thundering retribution from ahigh from those who step out of cookbook medicine. 1984 is here..it just took 25 years.


2009-02-13 15:02:36 Reply

Can we say “pre-cursor to euthanasia”.

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2009-02-13 16:28:25 Reply

This idea is one of the scariest things that I’ve heard in a long time. I have a Phr provided by my insurance company. Without my consent they published on this website all the insurance information they have gathered since 2004. It lists every test, procedure, hospital stay, ambulance ride, diagnosis and drug that I have had over the last 5 years. It is a mess! Some of the drugs I was prescribed and never filled because I was simply too tired and/or sick to argue with the doctor why the drug would be inappropriate for someone with LQTS. Many of the diagnosis’ that are listed are inferred from the tests that were ordered and aren’t things that I’ve actually been diagnosed with. For instance, I’m seeing a nephrologist for secondary hypertension and hyperaldosteronism. My kidney function and electrolytes are tested everytime I go in. My Phr reads that and lists that I have Chronic Kidney Disease. Because of other tests it also erroneously lists that I have Congestive Heart Failure and Type 1 Diabetes. My insurance company can’t “share” this information with my doctors unless I give them permission too. If the record was correct, I might think that it is a nifty tool to transport my medical records to people who might need to know them. As it stands, it’s a useless and erroneous invasion into my privacy. I can’t imagine that the government is going to be anymore diligent to make sure these records are correct than my insurance company is.

Then there is the true scarry issue that the government will be instructing my doctors on how to treat me, and when I might need what test.

This is so scarry.


2009-02-14 13:12:09 Reply

Wow, as someone who plans to apply to medical school this year, articles like this scare the crap out of me. What’s healthcare going to be like in 20 years???

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