As if the federal government weren’t nefarious enough, we have massive health-care provisions in the latest stimulus bill.

But for heaven’s sake, don’t read it America!  Pass it!  It’s a crisis!  It has to happen!  There’s ideology at stake!  There are federal programs to fund!  There are opportunities to expand the inefficiency of medicine, and the entire economy, to Olympian levels!

America, it’s time to pitch a ‘hissy-fit.’  Read this article from Bloomberg and let your blood boil.  Pass it on.

And before you tell me we need such bills in order to be more scientific, take a minute and ask yourself just how scientific you think the government will be when it applies cost-cutting measures to medicine.  The congress is certainly a hot-bed of evidence-based legislation, isn’t it?
I am, quite frankly, absolutely petrified for this country.

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