I meet a lot of people who know that I write and take me aside and say, ‘You know, I write too! and I want to write a book. Maybe when I retire I’ll find time. Do you have any suggestions?’ I do have a suggestion, and that is this: remember what the Bible says; we have no guarantee of tomorrow. That’s not to be morbid or preachy. It’s the truth. I’ve seen too many men and women die young to think otherwise. So, if you have something that’s very important to you that you want to convey to the world, start now. Do it now. Don’t wait until retirement. You may have dementia by then! Don’t wait ten years. You may forget the important parts. Inspiration, insight and the writing that is born from them are tied to our lives, and when we don’t make any attempt to record them (even if that means making tapes or writing notes) then those things can easily be lost, or the immediacy and passion can be diluted by time’s march.

Your life will always fight for your time. Right now, I have clothes to put away. Right now, I have weeds to cut, and a broken tractor to take to the repair shop. Right now, there are papers and charts I could do at work. I could also offer to work more as a physician. I could guarantee more income and let slip away the things that beg for me to put them down on paper. The ideas I want to share, the characters crying out to come to life. I would feel very unhappy if I denied that world completely. So, I compromise. I wrote late into the night last night, and I’m writing here this morning. Then, I’ll put down a couple of notes, put away the clothes, drive the tractor to its doctor and get ready for my job.

To anyone who wants to write, I say write. And if life is very busy, write in the breaks life gives you. But don’t put it off. Someone needs to read what you have to say.


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