What if indeed…
lightning strike on road during night time


Geographically, you’re a physician in a very small, very rural but locally imporant hospital.

Hypothetically you have a patient who is having a heart attack.

Historically, the same patient already has bad heart disease.

Theoretically, he should go to a cardiologist immediately.

Realistically, he knows the cost will be devastating if he takes an ambulance or (worse) a helicopter.

Potentially, there is a bed in another town.

Unfortunately, there is no paramedic to manage him in the ambulance and won’t be for 24 hours.

Meteorologically, the weather is poor and no helicopter can fly.

Quite practically, he decides he’s had enough and opts for hospice.

Now that would be quite a story, wouldn’t it?

Good thing such things never happen in America, land of infinite healthcare!

Because that would be really, really unfortunate.


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