I want to say, to everyone, thank you for your faithful prayers!  You have been prayer warriors for Jan and for our whole family.  I am confident that your intercession has made a difference in our lives.  How easy it would be, for post-moderns like us, to say ‘wow, that wasn’t that bad after all; and to think we were so worried!’

For all I know it was worse and has been made better; for all I know it could have been worse.  For all I know, every cancer cell in her body is now dead by the hand of God.  That’s my prayer and hope.

And as Jan said, in all of this, many more terrible things could have befallen either of us or our children.  Jan says there’s a blessing here, and I agree.  There are, in fact,  many.  A blessing of empathy, of understanding, of learning.  A blessing by which we learn to lean on others, nearby family, friends and church and distant ones who simply go to their knees for us.  (Depending on others is something really hard for both of us!)

A blessing whereby we learn to lean ever more heavily on God.  A blessing through which we will hopefully become fervent prayer intercessors for others, and will rush to their sides with hugs, tears, and all appropriate Southern casseroles in time of need.

Jan  had her first oncology visit today.  It went very well.  Our physician was encouraging and positive.  The cancer type that Jan has is responsive to radiation and a cure is possible.  We are going to MUSC  in  Charleston for an evaluation on Monday.  They have a head and neck cancer center, and are going to do an MRI and PET scan in hopes of localizing the primary site.

I prayed for good news at this visit.  I prayed fervently, I prayed scripture, I asked for the intercession of many.  And God heard our prayer.  While I wish that,  somehow, we could go back in time and undo all of the fear, I know that it came for a reason.  And I know that the road before us has a purpose.  As Joseph told his brothers when they met in Egypt:  ‘What you meant for evil, God has used for good.’

My dear, beautiful bride is not finished with this journey.  But we are confident.  We have a ways to go, but we are not alone, because God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are walking with us, guiding, protecting, teaching and turning every bad to good in the proper time.

It would be easy, now, to forget to praise and offer thanks.  Or to now, in light of the gift of answered prayer, to begin to worry about the future.  But it would be tragic and wrong to do those things.  We are called to give thanks in every circumstance.  To learn to be content and trust in every situation.  To be confident.    So I can say:

‘Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His steadfast love endures forever!’

I am thankful, so thankful!

We ask your continued prayer.  And I ask something else.  Please send us your prayer requests!  I want to return the grace you have all given us.

With love, and with thanks to Jesus Messiah, by whose stripes we are healed.


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