From the May, 2010 ACEP Humanities Section Newsletter.

To Comfort Food

Edwin Leap, MD, FACEP (Section Chair)
Tamassee, SC

Multi-trauma, fall from height
‘scuse me while I grab a bite!
Pain pills, nerve pills, work releases,
think I’ll order several pizzas.
Transfer forms, administrators,
I love deep fried green tomatoes!

On call back up, what a joke!
Where the heck’s my Diet Coke?
Suicidal, taking crack,
pick me up a Jumbo Jack.
Man in shock, has a STEMI,
great big cup of Southern sweet tea.

IV, airway, heart-rate low,
salsa, chips and warm queso;
partner sick, I’m staying late,
honey, bring a dinner plate!
To get me through, make me smile
and comfort me with food a while.

If I’m not home in bed a’sleepin’,
the next best thing’s to here eatin:
Subway sandwich, pretzels salty,
doughnut, hummus, edamame,
sushi, egg-roll, shrimp lo-mein
fried-egg sandwich (on whole grain).

Chicken nuggets, BLT
all bring joy (and mass) to me,
’cause when this job is dark and wacky,
inevitably I feel snacky.
However hard the days and nights,
I’m happier with every bite.

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