It’s almost midnight.  My dear wife is resting upstairs.  I sit in the kitchen, writing, while behind me my children and two of their friends, Tyler and Graham, are playing ‘Guitar Hero’ on the X-Box 360.  My oldest, Sam, as well as Tyler and Graham are 14.  Seth is 12.  Elijah will be 10 next month, Elysa, who is belting out ‘Livin’ on a prayer,’ is eight.

They amaze me.  All of them.  My own, and our friends.  Not a cross word.  Not a speck of profanity.  The boys are not cruel or unkind; they are patient and gentle toward the sole XX chromosome bearer in the room.

When not playing X-Box, they’re discussing sports, or science, history or religion.  Or running, or wrestling, as kids will do.

I find them all to be exceptional.

It’s a common misconception to assume that young people=bad people.  Not so.  Young people, who are the future, are only bad when we make them that way.  These kids have all been raised with love, attention, faith, curiosity, affection, manners and laughter.

I’m not anxious for them to grow up; but I look forward to seeing what they do, where life takes them.  Wherever it is, I’m confident they will make great contributions, and that others will seek their company for the quality of their character, the love in their hearts and the incisiveness of their thoughts.

And because they ROCK at Guitar Hero!


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