Often as not, the miseries of our friends, patients,  co-workers or family began with other miseries.  The Bible is full of ‘begats.’  Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob, Jacob begat his 12 sons.

Pain is similar; abuse begat depression.  Loss begat alcoholism.  Loneliness begat PID.  Ridicule begat drug abuse. Ignorance begat incapacity. Infidelity begat sorrow. Fatigue begat anger. Neglect begat rage. Abuse begat indifference.

On the other hand, love begat happiness. Children begat purpose. Knowledge begat excellence.  Concern for humanity begat medical science.  Love for others begat long call nights and long surgeries.

Love for country begat sacrifice.  Love for wives, husbands and children begat fidelity.

Love for mankind begat Jesus in the manger, Jesus on the cross.

Life is a series of ‘begats.’


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