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Showing my papers

Do you remember the furor over the Arizona immigration law?  ‘We don’t want to live in a country where you have to show your papers!  This isn’t Nazi Germany!’

Everyone was all in a vapor about the idea of showing identification.  The same swoon many fall into at the suggestion, the very hint, that we should ask voters to show identification.  ‘It’s disenfranchises them!  It’s tyranny!  It’s jackbooted thugs asking for papers!’

Well let me just point out some recent experiences.  On a recent trip, I had to show my driver’s license (aka papers) every time I used a credit or debit card.  When boarding a flight yesterday, in Colorado Springs, I had to show my driver’s license (papers) 1) at the check-in desk 2) at the security check point 3) at the boarding gate.

(Do they expect a terrorist to get confused and accidentally pull out his Taliban Visa?  ‘Earn extra virgin points for every mile flown!’  Or his Al Qaeda Membership card?  ‘Member in good standing since 2011…down with the infidel!’)

By the way, my 14-year-old son had to touch his insulin pump and have his hands swiped for explosive residue.  He’s a scary looking guy, that one, with a backpack full of novels and a subversive disease!

When I returned home, I found my Medicare reapplication packet.  Medicare is sending this out to various providers to update their enrollment.  Here are the things I have to provide:

1) State Medical License

2) DEA License

3) Medical School Diploma

4) Residency Certificate/CME’s

5) Board Certification

6) Curriculum Vitae

7) Certificate of Malpractice Insurance

8 ) Social Security Card

9) Driver’s License (What?  So they no I can get a job as a truck driver if they turn me down?)

10) US Passport.  (Why?  I’m a citizen!)

Let me add that I have never been able to purchase a firearm, or even so much as a packet of Sudafed, without presenting my ‘papers.’

So to all those who are afraid we are inching towards a society of paper-checking brown-shirts, rest assured…we’re already there.  So don’t expect me to cry for anyone else having to show their papers.

It’s just that those of us who don’t pose any threat are the ones most frequently shaken down.

Just a little rant!  Have a nice day.


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