science is cool!

science is cool!

Problem: Roughly 5-7  loud, annoying dogs bark at my daughter and me when we ride our bicycles.  They run so close to us that we almost fall over avoiding them.  Their owners are disinterested.

Hypothesis:  There must be a way to discourage this behavior.  Firearms always come to mind, but combustion firearms are loud and result in deadness.

Test:  What if, from the bicycle, a projectile could be launched at said canines, quietly and without causing a dog to experience deadness?  Author of study does not have permit for silenced firearm.  (Note to self, explore permit fee…)

Material:  Small to medium-sized dogs of questionable value.  Bicycles.  Daughter.  Aggressive, politically incorrect father who is a passable marksman.  A $25 air-soft gun, modeled on an HK MP-5 submachine gun (but clear plastic and not scary), was loaded with plastic BB’s.  Whilst assaulted by test subjects, small bursts from the weapon discouraged further chasing of child and her cavalry escort.

Conclusion:   Dogs don’t like to be shot by pellets; even ones moving at an almost pointless 150 feet per second.  Dogs use their keen intellect and natural skills to associate the sound of the gun and the thump of the pellet hitting them, with the maniacally happy man on the bicycle.

Report:  After initial salvo, dogs remained under bushes when we returned.

Problem solved.  Aren’t dogs smart?  And ain’t science cool?


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