For all who have followed along, Jan is doing well.  For those who didn’t know, she had squamous cell carcinoma of the base of the oropharynx last year, and received radiation and chemotherapy. 

She’s doing well, eating, gaining weight, has a little saliva and pretty good sense of taste.  However, she has an insane husband/physician who hovers over her endlessly and always expects the worse.  That is, recurrence.

Tomorrow we go back to MUSC for a follow up PET scan.  I hate scans.  I have scanxiety!  I always expect the worst, despite the lack of clinical evidence to the contrary in the way she feels, acts, etc.

Cancer follow up is a terrifying thing.  Everyone who has been there understands.  I feel perhaps more terrified than when she was being treated. 

So for those of you so inclined, prayers would be much appreciate tomorrow and the next few days, so that we can have safe travel to the scan and a good report from it. 

It was a long year, and I pray God will be merciful to  us and keep us from having to go back into the abyss of treatment again.  The odds are good, but my innate physician fear is at an all time high.

I confess that this may not seem very faithful of me.  My dear friend, an atheist, even reminded me I needed to have faith.   But it’s always hard when it’s someone you love.  In particular, the woman I met at age 19, married at age 25 and by whom I have four beautiful children.

Please keep us in mind and pray for mercy!

God bless you all!


PS  encouraging stories still appreciated, by the way.

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