Lord bless and keep the people of Ukraine from danger. Guard them all and end this tragedy; heal the wounded, comfort the dying and grieving.  Give courage to those struggling.

Father bless and keep the people of Russia from danger and wickedness. Protect them from the decisions of their government and from tyranny that seeks to silence dissent.

Redeemer bless and protect the leaders of Russia from folly and deliver them from the demonic influences that afflict all leaders, now and throughout all time, and drives them into violence and vanity.  Let the scales fall from their eyes so that they can see you.

Savior deliver all of these souls to you and heal them of their sin and brokenness.

Give your churches in those lands courage and prophetic wisdom.  Set your angels about them. And as always in history, may struggle bring believers nearer to you and lead many to believe at last

In Jesus’ name,


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