Don’t use birthdays or addresses,

easy numbers create messes.

Use a letter, symbol, digit,

nasty hackers just won’t quit it.

Capitals and lower cases,

numbers, pet names, distant places,

mother’s maiden, father’s mother,

sister’s lover, teacher’s brother.

Dashes, periods, ampersands,

ancient cities, foreign lands,

high school mascot, prom location,

favorite number, computation,

Never, ever use the same one,

Even if you use a lame one;

every month you’ll have to change it,

if all you do is rearrange it.

One for e-mail one for bloggin,

everything now has a log-in;

one for banking, ten for school,

three for work and card renewal.

I can’t remember most of mine,

I forget them all the time.

I know I should be more protective,

My codes should be much more selective,

But my poor brain is far too busy,

and all these codes just leave me dizzy!

So hacker, if my files you see….

Please send my password back to me.

Copyright 2014, Edwin Leap, MD

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