Here are some observations I have recently made about the COVID-19 pandemic.

1) Everyone knows everything.  Simultaneously, nobody knows much of anything.  This goes for professionals and lay-persons alike.

2) We’re all probably going to die from COVID-19. Wait, very few people are going to die.  (Something like that with numbers thrown in…)

3) Physicians are great at responding to crises and have really risen to the challenge, saving lives and learning more every day.  Physicians are sometimes, also, petty, politicized, anxious and purveyors of hopelessness.  (I know since I am one and I spend a lot of time worrying right now…)

4) Lots of cool therapies may work for people with COVID-19.  On the other hand, nothing works for patients with COVID-19.  It’s ‘Schrodingers therapy.’

5) Dying from an experimental or unproven treatment, while in the process of dying from COVID-19, makes you way more dead.  I had no idea there were degrees.

6) Lots of people are saying ‘Trump is killing us all.’  It’s apparently taboo to say ‘the Chinese Communist Party is killing us all.’  Because racism or something.  And it’s not the bat’s fault after all.–cold-war-timeline

6) Masks work.  Masks don’t work.  Hand washing should be done for 20 seconds.  Or more.  Or maybe less.  Six feet is optimal social distancing.  Or maybe three feet.  We should all stay inside till the kids get Rickets.  Or go outside where the virus will die.  We know all of this because science.  And don’t go to the beach or you’ll get arrested.



7) People think doctors are ridiculous for wanting them to stay home and avoid the disease.  Doctors have to watch people die horribly and so they have a point.  Doctor’s think people have lots and lots of money so that they can stay home and enjoy Netflix for a year.  People have to watch themselves go bankrupt. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

8) Calling people stupid for wanting to have their jobs back is a jerk move.  Taking your rifle out to protest the lock-down is a jerk move.  Blocking doctors and nurses on their way to work is a jerk move.  Leaving me only chicken gizzards in the meat aisle is a jerk move.  Who eats gizzards, seriously?  (I know, it’s a thing.  I prefer livers.)

9) There isn’t enough Internet for us all to watch Tiger King while the college kids do biochemistry and math homework and I write blog-posts.  Somebody may have to leave the island.  Fine, I’ll get my things. (Actual lesson? We really, really need nationwide high speed Internet.  Rural America is tired of dial-up…)

10) I know too much dialogue from Harry Potter.  And a website said I’m a Hufflepuff.  Wow.

11) ‘There’s no way, this pandemic, is ever going to end.’

12) Eventually, this pandemic is going to end.  So go ahead.  Read all those books, organize the pantry, get that online degree. Or just sleep.  Before you know it, we’ll have another problem.  And we’ll look back and go, ‘what the heck did I do during the quarantine?’







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