If you’re a busy clinician, whether physician, nurse, mid-level or medic, you are constantly bombarded with someone holding a clip-board, or sending an e-mail, reminding you of yet another requirement that must be met or updated.  ACLS, BLS, the list goes on and as soon as one is finished, it always seems to me that another is due!

Here are some links to online ACLS training through Med Training Solutions.

Have a look!  Med Training Solutions’ products may be just the ticket to your educational and credentialing needs.

ACLS Training videos: https://www.acls.net/videos.htm
– ACLS Algorithms: https://www.acls.net/aclsalg.htm
– Upcoming changes to AHA recommendations https://www.aclsrecertificationonline.com/2013/07/17/888/
– Sample course https://www.aclsrecertificationonline.com/login/

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