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I have always had some sleep apnea.  But since sleeping on a better ‘wedge’ shaped pillow, I actually have reduced my snoring dramatically.  I actually dream now, which is awesome.  And I don’t drift off say, in the middle of the day while charting, at the bedside of patients, or fight the urge while driving.

And I dream!  I recently dreamt that about a tiny kitten in a super-hero suit like Iron Man.  He flew around fighting evil.

But the weirdest was the family of gorillas I saw rummaging through the trash on our property.  I felt sorry for them.  I called them over, because it turned out they spoke perfectly good English.

I made a salad out of left-over vegetables in the fridge.

I put my hand, kindly, on the shoulder of the father gorilla.

‘I made this for you.  I hope you like it.  The stuff on top is guacamole.  Do you know what that is?’

His response: ‘Of course I know what guacamole is!’

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I offended the talking gorilla in my dreams.

That’s just weird.

But REM is better than no REM any night.

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