Today, I am the trash guy, taking the trash to the local ‘manned convenience centers,’ which are anything but convenient.  But I like it.  I drive our old extended family pickup, windows down, no radio.

I’m using it to get mulch and Azaleas for my wife, for Mother’s Day.  I’ll empty it by hand.  Or make my sons and daughter help…even better!

I may stop in the gun shop and look around at things I can’t afford.

Later, the kids want to buy something for Mother’s Day.  Something they pick, not I.
Tonight, we celebrate the kindergarten graduation of my nephew, the inimitable Jude Mahon, and we’ll eat Mexican after the ceremony.

Later, I’ll delight in reading to the children at bedtime, then put them to bed and enjoy quiet time with my dear Jan.

If all goes well, no one will call me ‘doctor’ anything.  I won’t make a decision that involves chest pain, seizures, suicidal thoughts, pregnancy, fevers, flu or anything else.

Tomorrow I’ll get up and go back.  But today, I’m not a doctor.  What a blessing…

just to be!

God bless you today, as well as he’s blessing me.


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