I hereby inaugurate a new series on my blog.  ‘News from Community Hospital.’  I’ll be posting, from time to time, the more maddening and ridiculous features of life in a community hospital.  Much like the last post on the ‘Weekend Call Schedule,’ this will address other features of life in American medicine.

If you have stories you’d like included, and thereby veiled from actual identity, please send them to me at edwinleap@gmail.com.  Staff issues, patient issues, stupid rules, JCAHO rulings, administrative madness and all the rest will be welcome.  This way we we can all complain without pointing exact fingers at exact persons.  And thereby losing our exact jobs, as it were.
So, bring it on!  And let’s tell the world about life at ‘Community Hospital.’  Where our mission statement is:

‘Community Hospital is a caring, wildly inefficient organization staffed with highly trained and functional individuals on a minimum of medications.  Our staff, while well-intentioned, is constantly hamstrung by rules devised to keep your costs up, your visits long, the computer and paper industries humming and your satisfaction hovering around 50%.  We owe it all to government lassitude, industry mediocrity, regulatory deceit and cultural decay.  And we’re proud to do our part to make your visit at least as good as a trip to the grocery store.’

Edwin Leap, MD, President and CEO

Community Hospital, Inc.

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